Laptop-childrenWhen you are on a budget and are assessing cheap desktop computers for your child, whether you don’t want to invest much money either because the child is young or because he or she only needs it for school to surf the internet, take notes and write papers, here are two suggestions for ideal answers to this quest.

Be aware that these will NOT run specialized software traditional programs such as iTunes or Microsoft Office, load up a hard drive with gigabytes of music, play games, or be the answer if the school absolutely recommends a Mac or a PC.

Acer Chromebook

There is no expensive software to buy, it boots up in less than 20 seconds, there is nothing complicated to learn, it updates itself, it requires almost no setup or maintenance, stores and accesses with 100 GB of Google Drive free for two years, viruses and malware are taken care of, it is always backed up, it springs in and out of sleep mode almost instantly, and it comes with favorite Google apps and offline apps for times when you are disconnected from the web. It does not run Windows or Mac; it runs Google’s web-based operating system, Chrome OS, so you need reliable Wi-Fi access. Instead of Microsoft Office, you will use Google Docs. There are three USB expansion ports and an Ethernet port to connect to a hard-wired network.

Other features include a 11.6″ screen, a Celeron processor, 16 gigabytes of flash storage, two gigabytes of RAM, dual band Wi-Fi, up to four hours of battery, 12 free Gogo Inflight passes, and is only one inch thick and weighs a light three pounds.

Your files and data will auto-save. If this computer gets stolen or destroyed, you won’t lose any work. You just buy another one, log in to Google with your credentials, and everything will be there.

HP Compaq dc7800 Core 2 Duo 750GB Desktop PC

If you don’t mind saving money by purchasing an off-lease product that has been inspected, repaired, cleaned and re-packaged after having been returned by a customer after a lease period, this is a good suggestion. There may be minor scratches or slight wear on the keyboard, but it does have a limited warranty.

This efficient Desktop PC is equipped with an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.33GHzProcessor and 4GB of DDR2 Memory for fast speed and massive power, a DVDRW optical drive so you can add programs from CDs and DVDs. a massive 750GB HDD with space for mammoth-size digital data, a Gigabit Ethernet LAN to download tons of free multimedia contents from different sites, and more.

The operating system is a genuine Microsoft Windows® 7 Home Premium 32-Bit and is easy to set up.

You can see that some cheap desktop computers are indeed designed to be faster and easier as well as being easy on the wallet.