cheap-studentWhen you’re a student money can be scarce. Despite that it is important to be able to have a good computer, especially for doing your college work. You need a machine that can handle pretty much anything you can throw at it. Whether that is simple power point presentations or putting together graphics in Photoshop you need a computer you can rely on no matter what. Finding cheap student desktop Computers under $500 is a bit rough, but it’s not impossible. You just need to know how to shop and what to look for.

Build it Yourself.

The easiest way get a cheap desktop computer is to put it together yourself. If you buy the individual components yourself you will know exactly what you are getting and what it is capable of. Building your own PC and assembling it is not as difficult as it sounds and there are plenty of videos on YouTube to help you with this task. You’ll need some basic tools and to make sure you shop for the following components:

  • Computer Case
  • Power Supply
  • Mother Board
  • CPU
  • Ram
  • Hard Drive
  • Optical Drive
  • GPU/Video Card (optional)

Once you have all of these items you can build a functioning computer. Majority of the components are relatively in expensive, but depending on what you buy you can easily stay within budget. If you don’t want t shop for individual components you can still save some money by building it yourself while purchasing a kit. has several kits that only require assembly but come with all the parts you need to put together a functioning desktop computer.

Buy a Prebuilt Cheap Computer

There are some computers that are already assembled and affordable. They won’t be very powerful and have all the latest features but that’s okay. One of the great benefits of desktop computers vs laptops is how easy it is to perform large scale upgrades to them. You can buy a cheap computer and over time you can upgrade it to be a power house with minimal effort.

At this price range you are likely to still get a computer with an i3 or even i5 dual core processor but don’t expect to get quad core or better without spending more money. Some decent brands you’ll be able to afford under $500 are: Gateway, Asus, Acer and HP, possibly even Dell. The most important feature to focus on in this range is going to be the CPU, you can easily upgrade the hard drive or the ram without spending a lot of money the CPU is going to the most expensive component. Don’t worry about the GPU/Video Card since it is really optional o