Dell-desktop-computerThere are many computer companies that offer cheap desktop PCs that cost well under $100. Many of these computers are models that were released during the early to mid 2000s. Most cheap desktop computers are refurbished units that are sold by brand name companies.

Companies such as Dell, Levono, Apple, Acer and Sony all sell refurbished units that are inexpensive but effective. Most computers that cost under$100 have at least 700 GHz of processing speed, 256 GB of RAM and 40 GB of HD. While these specs are far below the norm when compared to modern PCs, they are useful for writing documents and surfing the web. These types of computers are also great for younger children to have so they can learn how to properly handle a desktop unit.

The best inexpensive PC brands include Dell, Levono and Acer. Compaq also has some great refurbished computers as well. Many of these PC companies were big during the 90’s and throughout the 2000s when PCs were the primary computing devices. They have a lot of available units left over from the previous era that have been remodeled and made into good shape.

Many computer brands offer inexpensive computers online, used computer stores and local flea markets. People can also find inexpensive used computers from online classified ads sites or in local newspapers. Sometimes companies give away free inexpensive computer units to low-income or needy people as a part of their philanthropy service to certain communities.

When a company sells an inexpensive desktop model it usually does not come with a monitor, keyboard or mouse. People will have to purchase these items separately. This fact will raise the cost of building a computer system. Many companies that sell used computer units also sell used monitors. Consumers can also purchase other accessories from these businesses or retail outlets that provide these items.